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Paper Making Line Equipment Chain Conveyor

The papermaking process consists of pulping, dewatering and dryer stages, and the entire process starts with conveying equipment that transports raw materials from the ground to the pulp production line. Leizhan pays great attention to the quality of our conveying equipment-chain conveyor

Chain Conveyor Brief Introduction

The basic structure of our company’s chain conveyor consists of a machine head, a set of power sprockets, a load-bearing component, an inclined intermediate support, an upper track, a lower track, a set of rear sprockets , a screw tensioning device, etc. The main component of the chain conveyor is the sprocket. Leizhan company adopt steel castings as manufacturing material, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the chain conveyor.
Generally speaking, the work efficiency depends on the width and length of the chain plate. The wider and longer the chain plate, the greater the carrying capacity. In addition, the engine power also changes with the change of chain plate width.

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