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Paper Making Machine Wire Section


Wire section is the paper making machine vital section for wet paper forming, but the dehydration wire section maybe weared in paper making process, so what’s the reason of paper machine dehydration wire section weared?

Paper Machine Wire Section Wear Reason

1. Couch roll wear theory: As the couch roll is one of the wire section main drive rollers, the wire tension changes greatly when entering and leaving the couch roll, especially the wire is under the effect of vacuum roll vacuum suction, the wear will aggravate. In addition, for the plastic wire, if the roll is copper roller, because the roller will be subject to varying degrees of corrosion, also affect the wire service life.

2. Vacuum suction box wear theory: It is considered to be caused by the friction between the wire weaving and the suction box faceplate, especially when the packing particles accumulate on the box board, the wear will aggravate.

3. Chemical corrosion theory: The smaller of approach flow stock pH, the more acidic, the higher the temperature, and the more serious corrosion. According to the analysis of the pH is below 4.5, the temperature at 18~20โ„ƒ, white water corrosion is very intense. According to the analysis, alum solution is pH4, in the range of 20~45โ„ƒ, each additional 10โ„ƒ, improve about 2 times the rate of corrosion.

4. Dehydration element and roller wear theory: When the dewatering element surface uneven or sharp hair lunge, will increase the wire wear. In addition, if there are burrs, long blisters on the roller, or the roller rugged, it will damage the wire. Moreover, if the paper machine doctor blade contacting with the wire is also rough, also easy to damage the wire. When the roller scraper is not strict, and lead to roller moisten pulp, it is one of the reasons of increasing wire wear.

5. Due to improper control of the wire tension caused wire wear.

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