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Paper Pulping Process


The pulp is very vital in paper pulping process, it can directly influences the finished paper quality in paper making process. While The instability of the pulp concentration will affect the quantitative fluctuations in paper, when seriously will cause the paper machine decapitation, influence normal paper making.

Pulp Concentration Influence Factors

1. Virgin pulp concentration change: The pulp concentration from the pulp mill is changing. When concentration, there is no change according to the necessary adjustments, will directly affect the pulp concentration changes.

2. Beating process concentration adjustment: In the beating process, the pulp is subjected to the process of concentration, beating and mixing, and the necessary concentration adjustment is carried out during these processes.

3. Broken pulp concentration changes: Due to the larger changes of broken pulp concentration in dehydration and dilution, will cause changes of pulp concentration.

4. The impact of white water system stability: The white water system, white water pressure, flow stability will directly affect the pulp dilution and the pulp concentration.

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