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Precautions After Installation Of Toilet Paper Rewinder

Many friends who bought the qualified toilet paper rewinder and then immediately put it into use. As a result, problems often occur during use, and often consider that the machine performance is not good. In fact, the fault does not mean that the quality of the machine is not good, but because the rewinder is can’t directly put into use after it is bought back. the new rewinder needs to be adjusted after the installation is completed.

How To Adjust Toilet Paper Rewinder

1. First, check whether there is any virtual connection before the power is turned on to prevent the virtual connection from catching fire. It is necessary to check clearly to further adjust the equipment.
2. The second is to clean obstacles, mainly to clean the paper buckle to prevent hard to enter into rewinder that affects the embossing roller;
3. In addition, all the fixing screws should be reinforced before starting to prevent the screws from loosening during commissioning and testing;
4. Finally, the precautions of the concerned personnel, do not watch around when testing the machine to avoid accidents.

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