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Preliminary Preparation To Build Paper Mill

Some friends who never touched paper industry want to build a paper mill or start a paper making project, it is essential to know preliminary preparation before action.

Several Reference Advice

1.Check investment budget of equipment. The most commonly used paper machine on the market is small, which is more suitable for friends who are new to the paper making industry.

2.Order factory size according to requirement. The size of plant should be set according to equipment you choose. If you want to start a small paper making line, it is recommended that the factory has a 200 to 300 square meter, because in addition to the area of equipment, also include raw materials and finished paper. The factory must be leveled, pay attention to fire and moisture.

3.Inspect equipment plant personally. If your choice isn’t correct, it may be has a great impact on your production, so it is crucial to visit factory and inspect the operation of paper equipment.

In addition to preparing the above points for a paper mill, it is also very important to examine the market sales of paper. There will be some difficulties in the early stage, but as long as we manage with care, the paper sales channels will slowly accumulate, and the business will naturally get better and better.

Our company supply complete set of paper making machine and pulping equipment, and our professional engineer team will design the suitable plan according to your requirement, and welcome to visit our factory during your spare time. Therefore, if you want to start a paper product, contact with me: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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