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Reasons Affecting The Quality Of Rewinding


Rewinder machine is an essential equipment in the process of paper making, one high quality rewinder will bring good quality of paper. And the rewinding quality of rewinder is mainly determined by the following three aspects: rewinding tension control, line pressure of platen roller, the speed difference between front and rear support rollers.

Rewinding Tension Control

During the rewinding of a set of paper rolls, we should try our best to avoid changing the rewinding tension to ensure that the coiling degree of rewinder is uniform and consistent. In addition, it is necessary to keep the actual control value of tension constant in the process of rewinding operation and to install a well-debugged inertial instantaneous compensation regulator in the tension closed-loop control system.

Line Pressure Of Platen Roller

The pressure control program of the paper roller must be selected according to the quality and final diameter of paper. The pressure of paper roller is automatically controlled according to the preset pressure curve, and the operator doesn’t need to change it.

Speed Difference Between Front And Rear Support Rollers

The speed difference of supporting roller forms the rewind force, the size of rewind force determines the size of paper roll tightness, and improve the rewind force can increase paper roll tightness.

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