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Semi-automatic VS Automatic Tissue Machine


Sometimes, it is classified in detail according to the model and function of the papermaking machine. For tissue paper machine, there are two types: semi-automatic and automatic tissue paper machine.

Main Differences About Paper Machine

Semi-automatic tissue machine

Semi-automatic tissue machine with less function, no computer program control, can only make toilet paper with core and paper tube, can’t be made of coreless toilet paper, waste paper has restrictions;

Automatic tissue machine

1. Automatic tissue machine compensates for the defects of semi-automatic machines. The machine has computer program control. It can make core paper, coreless, paper tube tissue paper and diversified waste products. It is an important reason for the automatic paper machine to be widely welcomed.

2. The automatic tissue paper machine can also be equipped with many additional functions, such as: automatic glue dispensing, automatic shaft drawing, automatic flattening, pneumatic paper, single-sided embossing, double-sided embossing, remote control, etc. It is customized according to the customer’s request. The machine itself has different functions and the price is different.

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