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Tissue Paper Production Line


In tissue paper production line may occur some problems about tissue paper quality, so how to solve the problems in tissue paper making process? There are some tips about tissue paper making.

Tissue Paper Making Tips

1. If there is circular bubbles in toilet paper production line, due to the vapor pressure is too high, and can be effectively avoided by adjusting the paper machine pressure.

2. If the appearance of rough paper and more paper powder in doctor blade edge, then it is caused by that the doctor blade is not sharp or using time is too long, etc. Just need to replace the new doctor blade.

3. If the toilet paper is thick and bright, it may be caused by excessive oil adding, need to use wet strength agent for effective debugging, can solve the problem.

10TPD Tissue Paper Machine

Trimmed width:3000mm

Basic weight:15-25g/m2


Work speed:160-180m/min

Design speed:200m/min

Center distance:3900mm

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