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Tissue Paper Roll Manufacturing Process

Toilet paper, napkin paper, facial tissues, etc, they are tissue paper and personal items that need to be cleaned and sanitized. Leizhan, China’s leading pulp and paper production line equipment manufacturer and supplier, offers you high quality tissue paper roll manufacturing solutions using commercial wood pulp, white shavings, waste paper, etc. as raw materials.

More Information Anout Tissue Paper Roll Manufacturing

Trimmed width:  1575-3600 mm
Basic weight range: 13-40gsm
Operating speed: 180-800m/min
Production capacity: 5-50t/d
Pulping: D type hydrapulper, Vertical hydrapulper, High consistency hydrapulper
Cleaning: High density cleaner, Low density cleaner
Screening: Mid consistency pressure screen, Light impurity separator, Vibrating screen, Reject separator
Deinking&Bleaching: Flotation deinking machine
Refining: Double disc refiner

As a professional supplier in paper industry, we has experience with 40 years. And in tissue paper roll manufacturer process, we  can supply complete set of pulp and paper making line machine for your project. Welcome to email us: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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