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Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine


According to automation degree, toilet paper rewinding machine can be divided into full-automatic toilet paper rewinder machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder machine.

Full-Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine

1. Full-automatic toilet paper rewinder machine can double embossing, gluing compound, and can make the paper softer than single-sided embossing , the finished paper double-sided effect is consistent, and when using, each layer of paper does not spread, especially suitable for kitchen paper towels.

2. The rewinder machine is equipped with hollow, solid, tube toilet paper, instantly switch between products, can also be based on user needs to match.

3. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, pumping shaft are completed instantly, so that the paper roll will not loss and wear when cutting and packing, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and finished product grade.

4. Pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding shaft and each shaft paper has an independent tension adjustment mechanism.

Semi-Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine

Semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder machine advantages are: small footprint, small investment, less wearing parts, low failure rate.

Compared to full automatic tissue paper rewinder machine, semi-automatic tissue rewinder machine working speed relatively is slow, the capacity is not as high as full-automatic rewinder machine, labor intensity is great, can not rewinding very tight core. Only a short frame of rear frame in paper roll parts, it limit the speed, can not be higher than a certain value, or the stability of the device will reduce.

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