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Waste Paper Deinking Line For Tissue Paper Mill

Customers want to adopt waste paper, waste newspaper to produce tissue toilet paper. For this, we provide deinking line for tissue paper mill production line. Here are some details.

Waste Paper Deinking Line For Tissue Paper Mill Project

Raw material: 100% waste newspaper
Paper project: tissue toilet paper making line
Production capacity: 10t/d
Finish paper: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, etc.
Waste paper deinking line machine: H.C. hydrapulper – high density cleaner – vibrating screen – 1st stage high density cleaner – second stage low density cleaner – mid consistency fine screen – flotation deinking machine – 2nd grade 1st stage low density cleaner – inclined screen

This waste paper deinking line equipment has already made great effect, getting more accept pulp for tissue paper making. Meanwhile, it also reduce energy consumption and improve running efficiency. Certainly, you also can choose our paper machine for paper mill.

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