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Why Are There Holes In Toilet Paper?

The situation of wet part hole of the original paper is roughly divided into two categories: one is PEO hole, another is felt problem. And both factors can affect the quality of toilet paper.

Influence Factor With Toilet Paper Holes

1.PEO hole: It is generally caused by the problem of brewing quality and the process of replacing PEO. The shape of the hole is long and has lace around. The time of occurrence with original paper is not long, and no periodicity.

Solution: control the brewing quality of PEO, and clean dilution tank filter in time!

2.Felt problem: 1)There is dirt on felt, which can cause the air-breathing of felt to become clogged, which will reduce the dewatering ability of blocked position, which makes it difficult to input pulp and form holes at this position.

Solution: stop inspection or clean felt and the hanging pulp place of machine!

2) When the felt is used in late stage, it is severely damaged, and the rag is difficult to produce, and holes are often generated. This phenomenon can be solved only by replacing felt.

3)If the felt is used for a long period of time, the dewatering ability is reduced and the available position is narrowed. Usually the hole will appear on both sides of paper.

Solution: Regularly use the felt corrector to adjust the felt position to make it normal!

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