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10TPD Tissue Paper Production Line


10TPD tissue paper production line use the wood pulp, waste paper as material for paper making. In order to make accepted and high quality tissue paper, the paper making machine is suitable designed for its production.

10TPD Tissue Paper Making

After paper pulping, the fine pulp is uniformly distributed in the paper machine wire section by headbox, wet paper sheet formed in the wire section, then the paper sheet into the press section to press for dewatering, after press section, the paper sheet go into dryer section to dryer for further improving paper dryness, the finished paper dryness can achieve 90%-92%.

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Type: 3000mm Tissue Paper Machine

Trimmed width:3000mm

Basic weight:15-25g/m2

Work speed:160-180m/min

Capacity of per day:10T

Center distance:3900mm

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