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Double Disc Refiner In Paper Mill Refiner

For paper pulping and paper making line, our double disc refiner is hot-sale in paper mill refiner. It can improve the slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs.

Double Disc Refiner Details In Paper Mill Refiner

1. Machine: double disc refiner
2. Type: RF series
3. How many type: 5
4. What kind of material you can adopt: it is suitable for wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemcial pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
5. Feature: excellent and stable beating degree, energy-saving advantage, accurate retract mechanism, constant power control system, easy operation, etc.
6. Customer’s feedback: after using it, customers said it improved the pulping quality and reduced energy consumption.

Our hot sale double disc refiner has been installed into lots of paper projects. If you need more information or quotation of double disc refiner in paper mill refiner, welcome to email or message us.

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