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Chain Conveyor Manufacturer In Paper Making Line

In order to improve the efficiency, we supply chain conveyor in pulping and paper project. Meanwhile, we are manufacturer in paper making line. Our machine has less cost and higher quality for paper mill.

Chain Conveyor Details And Leizhan Manufacturer

1. Chain conveyor
Role: convey various kind of material, like pulp board, waste paper in bulk and in bundle.
Chain plate width: 1200 – 2600mm
Advantages: it can be used as horizontal or inclined conveyor. And it has large capacity, great operation, high efficiency and less energy consumption.
2. Leizhan manufacturer
In paper making line, we have 40 years of experience and have participated in the construction of numerous papermaking projects from all over the world. And customers think we have better technology and more professional service.

If you need the detailed specification of our chain conveyor, or want to learn more information about Leizhan manufacturer, or need other machine in paper making line, welcome to leave your email ID or send email to us.

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