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Paper Machine Felt Supplier


Paper machine felt is a kind of precious material in paper making industry, mainly used for paper sheet forming, wet paper sheet press for dewatering and paper sheet transportation, it is required with good dehydration, smoothness, abrasion resistance, stability and so on. The paper making felt can be divide three types: wet felt, upper felt and dry felt according to the uses.

Paper Making Felt Advantages

1. High anti-compaction capacity.

2. Extremely high elasticity and recoverability.

3. Strong drainage capacity abd larger void volume.

4. Long wear resistance and plasticity of felt.

5. Smooth felt and uniform pressure distribution.

Paper Mill Felt Problems And Solution

1. Felt warp and weft break: Usually caused by the damage of hard objects; Sometimes the pulp bolts may made holes on the felt; Sometimes the fine hard objects such as sand, broken glass in yhe pulp will make the felt strength decline, the felt warp and weft break; Flakes or punctate appeared in felt, warp and weft broken, may be caused by chemical corrosion, which is low fiber strength. Edge warp break, mostly due to the felt is too wide, caused by friction with the rack.

2. Felt fluff: Vertical fluffing generally caused by the unclean felt roller surface or rough vacuum suction box panel, may be local fluff or the whole fluff; Transverse fluff may be caused by the desynchrony of felt and press roll in press section.

3. Felt appear full circle translucent: Check whether there is impurities in the pastern axes or whether there is a hard spot on the felt guide roller.

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