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3200mm Layer Wire Corrugated Paper Machine

Do you want to produce corrugated paper? Leizhan company can offer you a complete set of 3200mm layer wire corrugated paper production line equipment, including corrugated paper making machine and corrugated paper stock preparation system machine. Leizhan company has developed various types of corrugated paper equipment to meet the needs of customers.

Corrugated Paper Machine Details

Paper type: high grade corrugated paper, testliner board paper
Quantity of papermaking: 100-250g/m²
Net paper width: 3200mm
Roll paper width: 3260mm
Design speed: 250m/min

Leizhan company always attaches great importance to the profits and needs of customers. We have been known by our customers for 40 years. If you have any questions about the paper industry or more details about the 3200mm layer wire corrugated paper machine, please feel free to contact us.

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