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4600mm Fluting Paper Making Machine

Fluting paper can be adopted as packaging for food or digital products and has a wide range of uses. Do you want to set up a waste paper recycling plant to produce fluting paper? Lei Zhan supply unit OCC recycled pulp line machine and fluting paper machine.

Fluting Paper Machine Details

1.Headbox: The air cushion headbox controls and stabilizes the fixed head of the online stock by controlling the gas pressure in the headbox.
2.Wire part: single Fourdrinier wire, main components: breast roll, forming plate, dewatering plate, vacuum box, vacuum roll, transmission roll, guide roll, frame, etc.
3.Press part: the first press is a K-type composite press with a vacuum suction roll, the second and third presses are large-diameter presses, each with two rubber-covered metal rolls.
4.Drying part: Front drying part: 24 Φ1800 dryer cylinders, 8+8+8 group transmission. Equipped with a semi-enclosed steam hood. Post-drying part: 12 Φ1800 dryer cylinders, 6+6 group transmission. Equipped with a semi-enclosed steam hood.
5.Rewinder part: Pneumatic horizontal rewinding shaft.

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