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High-Speed Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder


High-speed paper machine is necessary for high-grade paper making, but due to its high speed, it caused great damage for paper machine dryer cylinder bearings, so what’s the reason for high-speed paper machine dryer cylinder bearing damage and how to solve the problem?

Dryer Cylinder Bearing Damage Causes

Dryer Cylinder Bearing Load: Dryer cylinder bearings not only bear the dryer cylinder weight, but also have to run 24 hours a day, so the bearing load is quite large, continuous running has a obvious damage on dryer cylinder. In addition, the dryer cylinder bearings are generally sealed design, the maintenance is more difficult.

Lubricating oil: Lubricating oil play a vital role in the equipment operation, which is significant for reducing the equipment wear and maintenance. However, poor quality lubricating oil on the dryer cylinder bearing damage is also very obvious.

Working Environment: The main function of the dryer cylinder is for paper drying, the temperature is higher, the paper drying is faster, evaporated moisture from the paper is more, the environment will become increasingly wet. Therefore, with the higher efficiency of high-speed paper machine, the temperature of dryer cylinder bearing environment is also higher, the environment is also more humid, and equipment damage will be larger. For improving product quality and production speed, and vigorously increase the dryer cylinder temperature to speed up the drying speed, greatly reducing the service life of dryer cylinder bearings.

Dryer Cylinder Bearing Damage Solution

1. Timely repair equipment, once the equipment is damaged, timely replace the dryer cylinder bearing accessories, or try to use high-quality, wear-resistant bearings and accessories.

2. Timely clean the bearing oil tank sewage outfall, regular clean, reduce the probability of scuffing failure.

3. Install the oil-water separator on the bearing to accelerate the dewatering of lubricating oil and reduce the bearing corrosion caused by excessive water.

4. Before the lubricating oil maintenance of equipment, can take scientific measures to reduce the moisture content in lubricating oil, for example, use the filter car for vacuum dehydration.

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