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LOCC Paper Recycling Project Machine

In recent years, with the international emphasis on environmental protection, LOCC paper recycling project has become a trend. Therefore, many customers adopt our low price paper mill recycling line machine in their paper mill projects. The cost of our company’s equipment is competitive and the quality is excellent.

LOCC Paper Recycling Line Details

1. Raw material: LOCC
2. Paper project: corrugated/fluting paper project, cardboard paper projec
3. Production capacity: design according to your need
4. LOCC paper recycling project machine:
D type hydrapulperHigh density cleaner-Inclined thickener-First stage mid consistency coarse screen-Reject separator-Mid density cleaner-Mid consistency fine screen-Inclined thickener-Double disc refiner-Inclined thickener-Paper machine screen

Leizhan company is committed to providing advanced LOCC paper recycling project equipment. Even if you encounter difficulties during the production process, our professionals will provide technical support. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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