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Paper Machine Hydrapulper Supplier


Hydrapulper equipment is mainly for paper board, broken paper and waste paper pulping. It has many advantages in paper pulping process, but there are some factors infuence hydrapulper machine efficiency.

Paper Pulping Hydrapulper Advantages

1. Has the fiber relief effect without cutting

2. High production efficiency, short defibering time, low power consumption

3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, small occupied area

4. Easy to operate, large application, can deal with various waste paper

5. Can be achieved continuous and automated operation

Paper Machine Hydrapulper Influencing Factors

Temperature: After the temperature is raised, the waste paper is softened, the slurry is easy to absorb moisture and break, especially those that are heavily colored or paper containing ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp decreases with the increase of the temperature, and has good fluidity, thereby promoting the pulping.

Concentration: It is advantageous to increase the pulping concentration when have a good slurry circulation. It is known from the experiment that the concentration is linearly related to the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit yield decreases with the increase of concentration, but has little effect on the pulping effect and the pulping time.

Pulping Time: Under a certain operating conditions, there must be an effective pulping range, which exceeds the range, and the improvement of pulping is very small; It is uneconomical to prolong the time to improve the pulping effect. Therefore, it is necessary to control the pulping time so that it operates within an effective time range.

Raw Material: Due to the various slurry water swelling capacity and fiber binding capacity is different, the pulping effect is different. So the different slurry have different pulping effect in the same time.

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