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Paper Making Dilution Water System


Dilution water system is important in paper making process, the dilution water supply device is mainly to mix the water as smoothly as possible into the pulp so that the new pulp flow concentration is lower than the original concentration. This pulp flow, which can be adjusted concentration on-site, can be used to control the paper sheet width.

Dilution Water Supply Device

1. A dilution water plate with a hole and a dilution water plate with a slot are installed between the inlet pipe and the tube bundle, which distributes the diluted water into each tube bundle.
The dilution water flows from the dilution water pipe through the control valve to the dilution water mixing chamber with slot. The dilution valve is controlled by an electronic actuator.

2. Dilution water valve control system is mainly for pulp width control. By adjusting the dilution valve, can control the pulp concentration.

3. The dilution valve can be operated manually via the control screen.

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