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Paper Pulping Double Disc Refiner

Paper Pulping Double Disc Refiner

Paper Pulping Double Disc Refiner is consist of main body, coupling, bearing, baseplate, mobile feed device and other parts.Double Disc Refiner is perfect continuous pulping equipment in paper making pulp process, With advantages of compact structure, small occupation, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustment, easy maintenance and so on.

Double Disc Refiner Structure

Double Disc Refiner main body: The refiner has two refining section, and the pulp is fed into the refining section simultaneously by two inlet pipe. After beating,outlet refining section in the shell and discharged from the pulp outlet.

Coupling: Couplings with pin connection, it can meet the displacement of the retractor and transmission torque requirements. The advantages of easy disassembly, easy maintenance.

Mobile feed device: Worm gear reduction system in the mobile feed device, and move the trapezoidal screw through the worm wheel to move the mobile seat forward or backward.

Double Disc Refiner Maintenance

1. Regular equipment cleaning work, keep the equipment tidy

2. Each rolling bearing once three months plus grease, six months check and change oil for a times

3. Oiling for bearing every day, keep the sliding sleeve lubrication is good, three months clean and change oil once

4. Often check the flexibility of turntable axial movement

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