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Protective Measures For High-strength Corrugated Paper

High-strength corrugated paper is a packaging container made of cardboard. It has unique properties and advantages for beautifying and protecting the goods. Therefore, it is more and more popular among consumers. However, high-strength corrugated cardboard will also have undesirable phenomena such as foaming and degumming. Then, how to prevent this?

Effective Measures For Paper

1. Too wet or too dry with corrugated paper will affect bonding effect, and the moisture of origin paper may cause an increase in foaming or degumming.

2. The paper guide sheet is worn and deformed, the gap between paper guide sheet and lower roller is too small, and the formed corrugated paper can’t pass smoothly, resulting in degumming.

3. The temperature of roll, pressure roller and heat roller is not enough. Check the vapor pressure. If the steam pressure meets the requirements, check if the steam trap is invalid.

4. Whether the adhesive ratio is made according to the process requirements, and also check the condition of equipment. If the blades stirred in reaction tank are deformed or loosened, or whether the mixing time is appropriate.

5. If rubber supply valve is too small, it will cause rubber is insufficient. After rubber plate is raised, it is not fixed by bolts. The rubber roller doesn’t touch glue; sometimes the speed is very slow, the rubber supply valve is still open, causing the glue to circulate excessively and being thin, resulting in poor adhesion.

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