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Stock Preparation Line Equipemnt Drum Pulper

For meeting customers demands, we have the best stock praparation line equipment drum pulper in many pulp and paper making line, which continuously break various waste papers, coarse screen and impurities removal of the paper pulp. Moreover, we also have complete pulping machine for making paper, which has higher efficiency and attractive price.

Pulp Equipemnt Drum Pulper Overview

Role: Continuously crush various waste papers, coarse screen and remove impurities from the pulp
1. Energy saving: under the condition of high concentration of 15-20%, reduce the energy consumption of auxiliary equipment and follow-up equipment.
2. Improve pulp quality: Mild pulp does not damage the strength and length of fibers, and ensures that light impurities and some heavy impurities are not broken to the greatest extent, thus ensuring the cleanliness and quality of pulp.
3. Low equipment maintenance cost and labor saving: sturdy and durable, simple structure, less maintenance.

Leizhan is an excellent manufacturer providing full stock praparation line equipment. Meanwhile we also have responsible technical support and sevices after service.
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