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Low Density Cleaner For Pulping Line

Low Density Cleaner is widely used in pulp and paper industry, and the cleaners can be divided into 3-4 parts, which make it easier for disassembly, assembly and replace. And if you want to use low density cleaner to remove small foam and stickiness inside, just replace the first section with a composite low-concentration cleaner.

Composite Low Density Cleaner

1. There is a light slag pipe at the upper of composite low density cleaner to separate some light impurities. The multiple light slag pipes are merged into a total light slage pipe to enter into coarse screening system. And processed through a separate vibrating screen(1.5-2.0mm of slot screen and 2.0mm of hole screen), to recover fiber and remove impurities.

2. It has a certain effect on light impurities removing, but it’s effect is not as good as the process of separately setting low density cleaner. The main advantage is can save electricity.

To design low density cleaner, it is necessary to know production capacity, raw material, concentration, the number of stage, etc. And specific calculation formula is provided by our engineering team.

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