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Paper Machine Press Section Dehydration


In paper making process, uneven dehydration may appear in paper machine press section, so what’s the reason of paper machine press section uneven dehydration?

Press Section Uneven Dehydration Reason

1. Paper machine felt performance changes, resulting in uneven dehydration of felt;

2. The error of the press roller in paper machine is too large, the grinding of the middle and high curve of press roller is not correct, it will cause the uneven contact of the two rollers;

3. Uneven wire quantitative of paper machine, this will result in the uneven moisture distribution of paper sheet into press section, resulting in uneven outlet moisture;

4. Paper machine press section operation condition change, and the pressure roller load changes, the original volume is unable to adapt with it, thus causes the unevenness of pressure roller, resulting in the uneven dehydration of paper sheet.

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