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Paper Machine Wire Pasting


Paper machine wire pasting is that the holes of wire are blocked and can not filter water. It has great impact on paper sheet forming and dehydration, even normal paper making.

Common wire pasting is that in the wire surface widely distributed star-shaped white spots, each white spot blocking 1 to 4 mesh. There are also strips, the length is about 20 to 30 mm, the width is about a few holes. Also a certain width and density bar pasted by the star-shaped white spots afetr forming wire joints.

Paper Machine Wire Pasting Solution

Caused by non-resin trouble:

1. When appear wire pasting, the vacuum degree of vacuum suction box should not be too high, preferably lower than normal, if reducing the total vacuum degree make the wet paper moisture too high, and affect mormal paper making, can also reduce the vacuum degree only of the first two vacuum boxes.

2. Proper tighten forming wire, is effective for elimination wire pasting.

3. Strengthen wire washing in forming wire backing, especially the swing high pressure washing water system should be normal, pressure to reach 20~25kg/cm2.

Caused by resin trouble:

1. Reasonable control resin content of pulp, which is the most basic measures;

2. Reasonable control pH, use alum to control resin barriers;

3. Strengthen cleaning work, regular scouring pipe, pulper equipment, storage pool and a variety of pulp tank to prevent too much accumulation of resin;

4. Use resin dispersant and fixative to disperse and remove resin.

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