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Paper Mill DD Refiner For Office Paper Making

For paper mill project, our DD refiner can be used for office paper making line. This double disc refiner could beat and improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the paper making demand.

Basic Information Of Paper Mill DD Refiner

Series: ZDP series Double Disc Refiner
Suitable for material: wood pulp, chemimechanical pulp, chemical pulp, waste paper pulp
Application paper project: tissue paper making line, cultural paper production line, office paper making project.

Advantages OF DD Refiner For Office Paper Making Line

This refiner has great beating degree effect and energy saving advantages. It can be equipped with various tooth refiner plate depend on your material. Most importantly, it will help you improve the quality of pulp and paper.

Paper mill DD refiner from our company are popular in paper industry. For office paper making line, we have full set of machinery from pulping to paper, such as pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, paper machine, etc.

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