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Pressure Screen Equipment For Pulp Screening


Pressure screening equipment can for pulp coarse screening and fine screening, and some factors may influence pressure screen equipment screening efficiency.

Pulp Screening Equipment Influence Factors

1. Sieve plate holes diameter and spacing:

Pulp fiber average length is large, so with large hole diameter, holes diameter is generally required slightly larger than fiber average length, or else may paste, the hole rate is generally 15 to 25%, hole rate is actually related to the capacity.

2. Inlet pulp concentration:

Inlet pulp concentration is large, production capacity increased, but fine fiber loss too much, this time should increase the amount of water spray to improve screening efficiency.

3. Dilution water:

In the screening process, fine pulp concentration is lower than inlet pulp concentration, and the concentration of coarse pulp in the screen equipment increases. In order to reduce the loss of good fibers in the pulp, there must be enough dilution water, otherwise will paste wire; but too much spraying water, will make fine pulp concentration is too low, need to control well.

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