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What Is Pulp And Wire Speed Difference Ratio?

Generally, the fixed wire speed is controlled by the slurry speed adjustment, and what should be paid attention to during operating? There are three essential points that needs paper workers to take care.

Operation Attention

1. The pulp speed is not allowed to be higher than the network speed. Long wire forming allows the pulp web speed ratio to be >1, but not in the inclined net forming, it will cause the initial formation of the slurry layer deposited on the net, which is destroyed by the slurry flow, forming a wavy slurry on the wet paper sheet.

2. The speed ratio of the pulp and wire should be adjusted according to the aspect ratio of the paper forming requirements. The corresponding rules of the M D/C D and the pulp network speed ratio should be established through the feedback and summary of the quality data.

3. The production practice proves that under the premise that the forming quality meets the requirements, a large speed difference of the pulp network can be adopted, which is beneficial to prolong the dehydration time.

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