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Nigeria 500TPD Corrugated/ Testliner Paper Production Line


Nigeria paper mill purchase Leizhan complete set of paper pulping equipment for 500t/d corrugated, t-paper making, In Aug, 2017, Leizhan deliver the first batch equipment to Nigeria, the equipment mainly is waste paper chain conveyor and some parts for installation.

Complete Set Of Paper Pulping Equipment

Chain Conveyor: Mainly used for conveying the raw material for paper pulping.

Pulping System: Mainly used for paper pulping.

Cleaning System: Can divide into high, middle and low density cleaner, mainly used for removing heavy impurities in the pulp.

Screening System: Consist of coarse and fine screening system, mainly for pulp screening to improve pulp quality.

Fiber Fractionation System: Mainly used for pulp fractionation screening to separate imputities from the pulp.

Approach Flow System Before Paper Machine: Used before paper machine for pulp transporting and pulp screening.

Waste Paper Chain Conveyor Feature

1. Adopt specially made chain drive one-time impact stamping, trough plate has the advantage of sturdiness and durability, strong impact resistance

2. Equipped with hardened gear reducer, high safety factor.

3. V-shaped plate in the both sides of chain plate, improve the conveying capacity to ensure impurities do not slide to the wheel, improve service life.

4. Chain plate elastic adjustment device in the tail end, to avoid the tightness changes lead to derailment orbit phenomenon after a period of time using.

Customer Information

Customer: Nigeria

Time: August, 2017

Project: 500T/D Corrugated/ Testliner Paper Making Project

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