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2200mm Cardboard Paper Project Machine

It is said that cardboard paper has great demand in the market and is widely applied. To meet customer needs, our company has designed  2200mm cardboard paper project machine. The main benefits are cost reduction and high quality. And customers can get better returns after using it. At the same time, we also provide you with a complete set of paper machine spare parts.

Cardboard Paper Machine Parameter

1.Raw material: Waste recycled paper,or others
2.Trimmed width: 2200mm
3.Basis weight: 120-250g/㎡
4.Capacity: 30t/d
5.Reeling width: 2260mm
6.Design speed: 200m/min

As a professional company in the paper industry, we use advanced technology and high quality materials to allow customers to get more benefits. If you want to start a cardboard paper project or want to know more about delivery, please feel free to contact us.
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