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50TPD Testliner Paper Making Machine

For paper mill, we provide 50tpd testliner paper making machine with attractive price. which not only reduce energy consumption and investment, but also get higher quality testliner paper. Furthermore, we also have stock preparation line equipment in testliner paper making process.

Testliner Paper Stock Preparation Line Details

First, the recycled paper is transported to pulping equipment such as D type hydrapulper through a chain conveyor.
After preliminary pulping, the pulp is transported to a high density cleaner to remove heavy impurities in the pulp.
Then it is transported to the pulp screening system equipment such as middle consistency pressure screen and reject separator, and the pulp is coarse screen and fine screen.
In addition, in order to improve the crushing degree of the pulp, the pulp is transported to refining equipment such as the double disc refiner for further processing.
Finally, the pulp is conveyed to the NLS inflow pressure screen for the final step of pulp processing. Afterwards, the pulp is transported to the headbox for paper making.

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