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Dryer Section Of Paper Machine


Paper machine dryer section is to further dehydrate the wet paper sheet after pressing, to shrink the paper sheet, increase paper tightness and strength. The Dryer section can divide into four types: single dryer, double dryer, double-row dryer cylinder, multi-row dryer cylinder.

Paper Machine Dryer Section Type

Single Dryer: Only one dryer cylinder in paper machine, dryer cylinder diameter is 1-6 meters, high drying efficiency, suitable for drying thin paper.

Double Dryer: Paper machine has two dryer cylinder, diameter is 1.2-1.8 meters, and use support roller and press roller to make wet paper sheet close to the dryer cylinder surface. Adjust the pressure of the support roller and press roller to give the paper different smoothness and tightness.

Double-row Dryer Cylinder: Dryer cylinder arranged in the upper and lower layers.

Multi-row Dryer Cylinder: Dryer cylinder arranged in three or four layers.

The dryer section is the largest energy consumption part of the paper machine. The cost of evaporation 1kg water in dryer section is several times higher than the dewatering 1kg water in press section. In order to save energy, in addition to improving the thermal efficiency of the dryer section, it is necessary to minimize the paper sheet moisture entering the dryer section.

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