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Kraft Paper Machine For Food Packing


In recent years, with the development of economy, kraft paper food packing is more popular used in daily life, so high quality kraft paper making machine is more needed in paper industry for food packing.

Kraft Paper Food Packing Advantages

1. Kraft paper food packing has the advantages of moistureproof, waterproof, oil-resistant, low temperature resistant and freeze-tolerant. And compared to plastic, glass and other packaging materials, in the same barrier effect, kraft paper food packing costs lower.

2. Kraft paper for food packing is usually made of pure wood pulp, more health and safety than plastic packaging, and kraft paper food packaging can be recycled reuse, more environmental.

3. Kraft paper food packing have a good tensile strength, wet-resistant and non-deformation, ect, to meet requirements.

3400mm Kraft Paper Machine

Paper Type: Kraft Paper

Trimmed Width: 3400mm

Baisc Weight: 100-200g/m2

Capacity: 70tpd

Center Distant: 4500mm

Working Speed: 150m/min

Design Speed: 200m/min

Drive Form: Frequency conversion adjusting speed

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