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Multi-stage Washing Of Pulp

The washing of the pulp is to separate the waste liquid from the paper paddle obtained by cooking, and diffuse the cooking solution in the cell wall and cell cavity to wash the pulp clean. The basic functions of pulp washing equipment should include three functions: filter pressing, diffusion, and displacement, which are the basic conditions for meeting the pulp washing requirements of the paper industry.

Multi-stage Countercurrent Washing

1. The determination of the number of stages is mainly considered from the aspects of the washing quality of the slurry, the performance of the slurry, the hardness of the slurry, the output, cost, and equipment investment. Generally, 3 to 4 stages of washing are used.

2. Washing quality requirements of pulp: Under the same conditions (equipment, water consumption, pulp type), the lower the alkali content of the pulp after washing, the greater the number of washing stages;

3. Hardness of the pulp: The pulp of the same raw material has more hard pulp than soft pulp, because hard pulp has a faster filtration speed than soft pulp, but has a slower diffusion rate.

4. The same equipment and the same pulp type, and the number of washing sections with high output and low output is more, otherwise the washing quality of the pulp is difficult to guarantee.

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