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Paper Pulp Beating Degree


Paper Pulp Beating Degree is one of the pulp quality indicators, represent the measure of the pulp water filtration. So what is the kraft/ corrugated/ tissue paper beating degree?

Different Paper Beating Degree

Different raw materials, different paper machine, can not be same exactly, the general situation is as follows:

1. Kraft/ Corrugated Papert: 30-36°SR

2. Tissue Paper(Crescent Former And Vacuum Cage Forming): 28-32°SR

3. Culture Paper: 32-36°SR

4. Whiteboard Surface、Lining: 35-45°SR

5. Whiteboard Core、Bottom: 30-36°SR

Pulp Beating Degree Instrument

Measuring range: (1~100)° SR

Indicator cylinder scale value: 1° SR

Overflow discharge time: (149±1)s

The remaining volume: (7.5 ~ 8) ml

Room temperature 20℃±1℃

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