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Pressure Screen In Pulping Line

In the application process of pressure screen, due to factors such as process water, calcium and magnesium hardness, PH value, electrical conductivity, total alkalinity, temperature and other factors, the scaling phenomenon occurs, which causes the following hazards.

Some Potential Hazards

1. Increasing the number of unplanned shutdowns, causing production interruptions and affecting the production efficiency of the device. Shutdown cleaning, increase maintenance costs and additional labor load;
2. Causing paper disease, affecting product quality;
3. Increase chemical consumption and pollution load;
4. Cause production accidents and reduce equipment life;
5. Increase energy loss.

Nowadays, advanced maintenance methods are mostly solved by electronic descaler. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, the electronic descaler is more excellent in terms of operation limitation for paper pulping line, prevention of pipe scale formation, rust prevention and bacteria prevention.

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