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Sludge Dewatering Machine


With the rapid development of paper industry, the paper industry has become one of China’s major polluting industries. The pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment rate and treatment depth to further improve, and the resulting sharp increase in sludge production, for solving the large sludge production of paper making industry, the high quality sludge dewatering machine is necessary in paper industry.

Sludge Dewatering Equipment Advantages

1. Can press the papermaking sludge into a mud cake.

2. The paper sludge after sludge dewatering machine treatment is water

3. The sludge dewatering machine equipment with low energy consumption, high automation and cost saving.

4. Sludge dewatering machine is widely used, papermaking sludge and other sewage can be treated with the same equipment.

Sludge Dewatering Machine Specification

Width Of Net: 1500-3000mm

Speed Of Belt: 1.5-8m/min

Concentration Of Input Pulp: 1.5-4%

Concentration Of Output Pulp: 20-30%

Pressure Of Washing Water: ≥0.5

Quantity Of Mud: 110-400t/d

Motor Power: 2.2+1.1-5.5+2.2

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