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Testliner Board Paper Project Machine For Sale

Testliner board paper is one of the packaging papers. In recent years, demand and quality requirements continue to increase. Many customers trust our company and choose our testliner board paper production line equipment, and they have achieved great profits on their paper mill projetc. Here is some information about setting up your machine for testliner board paper projects.

Testliner Board Paper Machine Technical Data

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc.
Paper type: testliner board paper
Production capacity: 150 tpd(design according to your need)
Trimmed width: 3200 mm
Operating speed: 320 m/min
Price:less cost than others

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of pulp and paper mills, our testliner board paper making line machine is well received by our customers. Our engineers can provide technical support for your project. Welcome to contact us for more details,

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