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Waste Paper Pulping Machine Bale Breaker

In recent years, the trend of using waste paper for pulping and papermaking has become more and more obvious. In order to maximize the utilization of fiber while reducing investment and increasing output, our company provides advanced bale breaker in the waste paper pulping line. Our bale breaker are efficient and cost-effective for paper mill projects.

Bale Breaker Brife Introduction

1. Function
Applied for waste paper bales breaking and selecting.
2. Specification
Type: SBJ series
Processing capacity: 220 – 1500t/d
Cost: lower price than others.
3. Features
The pulp and paper making project has high efficiency and perfect results.
Remove small impurities from waste paper under dry conditions.
Reduce the wear and tear on the rear equipment during the papermaking and pulping process.

Leizhan company attaches great importance to the quality of our machines and the services we provide to our customers. Our bale breaker can help you reduce costs. You are welcome to contact us at your free time.

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