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Waste Paper Recycling Machine For Kraft Paper

Waste paper is an important raw material for kraft paper mill. And our company provides waste paper recycling machine to make pulp and paper. For kraft paper project, here are some information about a true case from customer’s project.

OCC Waste Paper Recycling Machine For Kraft Paper

1. Raw material: occ
2. Production capacity: 80t/d
3. Waste paper recycling line
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Inclined screen – Mid consistency coarse screen – Reject separator – Mid density cleaner – Mid consistency fine screen – Inclined screen – Double disc refiner – Inflow pressure screen – White water pump – Inflow pressure screen before paper machine
4. Kraft paper machine: the production capacity can be from 45t/d – 750t/d

Do you know the effect after using these machine? Customers gave feedback of improving output, saving energy, reducing maintanance. The cost of waste paper recycling machine for kraft paper mill, email or message us at any time.

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