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Wire Mesh Of Fourdrinier Paper Machine

The structure of wire mesh machine is commonly made of wood, and there are many forms of wire mesh. The longest used forms are the forward flow mesh and counter flow mesh. At present, the widely used ones are movable arc-shaped mesh, dry mesh and rotary mesh and drum vacuum mesh, etc. The pumping circular mesh is used in the more advanced paper making machine.

The Effect Of Wire Mesh

The structural form of wire mesh has a great influence on the yield and quality of paper, and various wire meshs have certain characteristics. These characteristics may be an advantages for the production of one paper, but may not be important for another. Therefore, it is wise to design and select wire mesh according to specific production requirements.

The general requirements for the design of wire mesh are: fibers of the pulp in wire mesh are uniformly dispersed without agglomeration; the paper pulp in wire mesh flows uniformly in the paper web; the pulp channels of wire mesh are smooth and straight, and the corners should transite smoothly to present hanging and slurrying; finally, it should be easy to clean and overhaul.

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