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30T/18H Commodity Wood Pulp Processing Line

Commodity wood pulp is generally used to produce tissue paper and cultural paper. Leizhan is dedicated to rigorous standards of manufacturing excellence that result in complete set of equipment for processing 30t commodity wood pulp for our customers. Customers are high praised our low cost and high return machine products. More details are as follow.

30T/18H Commodity Wood Pulp Processing Line Main Equipment

Name of Equipment Type or Manuf.No. Specification & Technical Data
Chain Conveyor BFW1200 Working width: B=1200mm, Estimated total length=24m
D Type Hydrapulper ZDSD23 5m³ h=10mm C=3~5%
High Density Cleaner ZSC4 Q=3000~4500l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Conical refiner ZM450 Ø450mm C=3~5%
Double Disc Refiner ZDP450 Ø450mm C=3~5%
Inflow Pressure Screen NLS0.6 A=0.75m2 s=0.35mm C=0.4~0.8%


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