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600T/D Coating Board Paper Machine

The paper produced by the coating board paper machine is widely used in life. For the production of coated white cardboard paper, many customer uses our 600t/d coating board paper machine for their paper mill. Most importantly, they achieved excellent results.

600T/D Coating Board Paper Machine Specification

1. Raw material: waste paper
2. Finish paper: coating board paper
3. Production capacity: 600t/d
4. Trimmed width: 2400 – 6600mm

5. Basis weight: 200 – 350g/㎡
6. Advantages: less price, better performance, easy maintenance energy-saving effect, and stable running.

About 600t/d coating board paper making machine, you will get specific cost, running effect , and our professionals will introduce you in detail, if you are interested in our machine, welcome to email or message us for price and details. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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