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3500mm Toilet Paper Making Machine


As we all know paper machine is the key point in paper making process. The 3500mm Toilet Paper Making Machine is designed with professional technology for toilet paper making.

Toilet Paper Machine Description

The 3500mm toilet paper making machine adopts forward pulp hang type to feed pulp. It mainly consists of felt washing, cylinder mould part, drying part, reeling, driving and gas hood. It has the advantage of fast speed, good paper quality and easy to operate, workers needn’t long time training.

Toilet Paper Machine Specifications

Paper grade: Toilet paper

Basis weight: 13-30g/m2

Net paper width: 3500mm

Working speed: 200m/min

Design speed: 230m/min

Production capacity: 17t/d

Gauge: 4600mm

Driving method: AC variable frequency sectional drive

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