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H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment Operation


H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment is mainly used in waste paper deinking process for separating waste paper and ink, when h.c. hydrapulper operate, there are some tips to note.

H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment Tips

1. High-consistency hydrapulper should be checked before operation and clean up the debris in the equipment, refuel to all refueling points, and check whether the connection bolts are loose, whether the degree of elastic belt is appropriate, whether rotation direction is correct, whether the safety device is installed well, whether there are obstacles around the drive;

2. H.C. hydrapulper should running with water before feeding operation, water filling capacity is 70-80% of the nominal volume, check if any water leakage in the gate valve and flange junction, check whether has bearing overheating after an hour operating of h.c. hydrapulper, whether high consistency hydrapulper rotation is stable, the sound is normal, when all is normal running, can with pulp test run.

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