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Paper Machine Dryer Section Design


Paper machine dryer section is the important part for drying wet paper sheet, so the paper machine dryer section design is important for finished paper quality.

Paper Making Dryer Section Design

1. Evaporate moisture in the paper, and use the least amount of drying equipment. The equipment in paper machine dryer section is large and expensive, so the design of dryer section should pay attention to increase the evaporation rate, meanwhile, the structure of the paper sheet should not be damaged.

2. Evaporate paper moisture to ensure the quality of paper, especially the horizontal uniformity. Followed by the paper surface properties, wrinkling, curling and tensile properties.

3. Dryer section and its ancillary equipment design, must be able to reduce energy consumption.

4. Dryer section design must make the paper machine has a higher total efficiency, which mainly refers to reduce the paper decapitation in dryer section, because paper break is most occured in paper machine dryer section.

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