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Turbine Blower In The Vacuum System For Paper Machine


Turbine Blower is more commonly applicated in the vacuum system for paper machine, there are some details about turbine bloweer application in paper machine vacuum system.

Turbine Blower Structure

Turbine Blower often used multiple impeller structure, the structure is more complex, before and after the impeller with a partition, special seal device need to be installed between the impeller and partition. In order to prevent stall and surge, need to set the reture guide vane and surge-preventing device. Due to high-speed operation, the higher requirements for the bearings, generally use the oil film for sliding bearings, sometimes using magnetic levitation or gas bearings.

Turbine Blower Work Principle

Turbine Blower work principle is that use the interaction of blade and gas, impeller rotate with high-speed, improve gas pressure and kinetic energy, and slow down the air by using of successive flow components, to make the kinetic energy into pressure increasing. Compresses are usually used to achieve the final required pressure. When used as a vacuum generator, the final pressure discharged is atmospheric pressure, and the suction pressure is negative.

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